Executive Director Message

Greetings and welcome to ITS Bermuda, a center for the advancement of gifted and talented children. 

ITS Bermuda is a formula for success. We stand ready to prepare you for success in any capacity. ITS Bermuda’s students are challenged academically, and in all other ways to become the best they can be. We offer a program designed to develop your mathematics skills, your scientific interests, and language arts skills. The faculty is chosen not only for their subject mastery but also for their nurturing skills.
Students, you are in for a treat: immerse yourself in this learning journey that will provide rich nourishment for your mind and spirit. As you are learning and studying the great leaders of the past, you will discover the truth of Mark Twain’s statement: “Really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great.

I would like to invite you, as we go through this school year to:

  • Expand your perspective in finding ingenious solutions to everyday problems.
  • Strengthen your optimism, vision and courage. Columbus set out straight into the unknown with results we all know.
  • Revolutionize your worldview: paradigm shifts are happening faster and more dramatically than ever before.
  • Develop your power of observation and open your mind, you will learn to manage change and create your future.
  • Unleash your imagination; Einstein believed that the secret of his genius was his ability to look at problems in an imaginative way.
  • Celebrate your life in the pursuit of happiness, beauty, truth, and goodness in your life.

Have a wonderful year at ITS Bermuda!

Riquette Bonne-Smith
Executive Director